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    The Greater Oak Brook Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Partnership connects companies to the pulse of business in the Chicago region and serves as an influential and effective advocate and marketer for businesses.
    We always put the needs of businesses first by:
    1. Attracting new companies to our community and building new business opportunities for those companies and existing companies.
    2. Working with key local, state and federal government decision makers to address the financial, operational and other needs of local businesses and businesses seeking to locate here.
    3. Identifying transportation, infrastructure and other community solutions that will attract and retain a talented local workforce.
    4. Developing new area attractions and marketing initiatives that will expand tourism and grow our local economy.
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    The Greater Oak Brook Chamber of Commerce is a 501(c)6 business association governed by a board of directors comprised of Greater Oak Brook companies representing a range of industries: Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, hospitality and retail businesses, technology companies, commercial real estate firms and more. Collectively, these individuals and their companies represent the policy interests of the Greater Oak Brook business community.

    Six paid staff and consultants experienced in business, nonprofit association and economic development program management assist the board in planning the organization’s strategic direction, and manage and execute its operations, programs and activities.
    Meet Our Staff and Board of Directors

    Organizational Culture
    The organization’s leaders and members work together in a geographically small community that is bustling with business. Over 100,000 people work or visit here each day, which keeps our local companies and economy thriving!
    Fortunately, the community’s small geographical size allows us to stay connected and aware of the issues affecting each other. Working together like this has helped create a supportive and respectful organizational culture in which members may build positive professional relationships over time.

    One Voice for Business through Committees!
    The organization has established a collaborative communication structure that allows local businesses to work together through councils and committees to develop a vision and strategy that serve the broader business community’s needs. These joint efforts have helped create one business voice to address critical issues ranging from local signage codes and community marketing and transportation initiatives to broader state business policy concerns. Members may serve on the following councils and committees:
    • Business Roundtable
    • Banking and Financial Services Committee
    • Economic Development Partnership Council
    • Transportation and Infrastructure Committee
    • Attractions and Events Committee
    • Talented Workforce Committee
    • Young Business Leaders
    • Networkers Group
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    Over 350 key area companies employing nearly 10,000 people are members of the Greater Oak Brook Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Partnership. Member companies represent commercial real estate (20%), hospitality and retail (25%), technology and other professional services (30%), banking and financial services (15%) and healthcare (10%) sectors. More than 1,600 professionals from these companies regularly participate in the organization’s programs and activities, with 250 of them serving in council and committee leadership roles.
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the TEAM


  • Tracy Mulqueen, CAE

    President & CEO

    Tracy Mulqueen, CAE, has served as the Chamber’s President and CEO since July 2004 and is responsible for leading and managing the association, its strategic and operational plans, and member programs and services. She is also charged with building and promoting unified local, state, and congressional policy agendas and initiatives that represent the common interests of Oak Brook and Oakbrook Terrace companies, and positioning the organization as an influential and effective advocate for business.

  • Ed Tracy, CPA

    Chief Financial Consultant

    Ed Tracy is the Chamber’s Chief Financial Consultant, overseeing the organization’s budget development and financial reporting processes. He earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Illinois and is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Illinois CPA Society. Please contact Ed at tracy@seldenfox.com.

  • Aimee Schroeder

    Accounting Consultant

    Aimee Schroeder is the Chamber’s Accounting Consultant and handles the organization’s accounts payable and receivable. She has an undergraduate degree in business administration and accounting. Please contact Aimee at schroeder@seldenfox.com.

  • Tamryn Hennessy

    Program Director

    Tamryn Hennessy is the Chamber’s Program Director. She is responsible for leading and managing the organization’s economic development programs, with a current focus on new workforce attraction and retention initiatives, including the new STEM Bridge Partnership.

  • Jenny Stanko

    Communications Manager

    Jenny Stanko is the Chamber’s Communications Manager. Jenny is responsible for managing content for all three Chamber websites, handling email blasts and social media postings, and providing communications support for Chamber meetings, events and grant projects.

  • Bridget Karnick

    Meeting & Events Planner

    Bridget Karnick is the Chamber’s Meeting & Event Planner. Bridget is responsible for organizing membership events and council and committee meetings, and meetings and events for the Economic Development Partnership.

  • Chairman Dan Wagner

    Inland Real Estate Group, Oak Brook

  • Vice Chairman Norm Canfield

    Hyatt Lodge, Oak Brook

  • Treasurer Dennis Marx

    JMG Financial, Oak Brook

  • Secretary Maxine Vazquez

    Devon Seafood + Steak, Oakbrook Terrace

  • Suzanne Beres

    Oakbrook Center, Oak Brook

  • Larry Brand

    Elkay Manufacturing, Oak Brook

  • Susan Clarke

    Advocate Health Care, Oak Brook

  • Terry Dunne

    Millennium Trust, Oak Brook

  • Simon Fricker

    Le Meridien, Oak Brook

  • Bill Fulle

    Tiffany & Co., Oak Brook

  • Ken Greene

    Comcast Business Class, Oak Brook

  • Stefan Gruvberger

    Hiltons of Oakbrook, Oakbrook Terrace

  • Kathy Hardy

    Leaders Bank, Oak Brook

  • Ed Harrington

    CenterPoint Properties, Oak Brook

  • Dennis Hiffman

    NAI Hiffman, Oakbrook Terrace

  • Maureen Hoersten

    The LaSalle Network, Oak Brook

  • Chris Johnson

    DoubleTree Hotel, Oak Brook

  • Anna Kamilis

    Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse, Oak Brook

  • Bob Legan

    Whitnell & Company, Oak Brook

  • Susan Lindquist

    BCS Financial, Oakbrook Terrace

  • Jay Madary II

    JVM Realty Corporation, Oak Brook

  • Adrian Mendoza

    Lillig & Thorsness, Ltd., Oak Brook

  • Tom Midura

    Graycor, Oakbrook Terrace

  • Raul Moreno

    Mon Ami Gabi, Oak Brook

  • Chris Pautsch

    Key Lime Tie, Oak Brook

  • Finny Rajchel

    State Farm Insurance, Oakbrook Terrace

  • John Ropski

    Printing Arts, Oak Brook

  • Todd Schaefer

    Jones Lang LaSalle Tenant Representation Group, Chicago

  • Don Williams

    McDonald's Corporation, Oak Brook

  • Tracy Mulqueen, CAE

    Greater Oak Brook Chamber of Commerce, President & CEO










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business BLOG


The purpose of the Chamber’s Business Blog is to serve our member companies through the prompt publication of significant local, state, national or global activities affecting any industry, and to provide a forum for the reporting and discussion of news and issues concerning business.

Top things job applicants should keep in mind as they go through a job search

user by Talented Workforce Committee
calendarTuesday, 11 October


As the local economy continues to build momentum, employers are ramping up their recruitment efforts and looking for top talent to fill roles within their organizations. This is when friends and colleagues will reach out and ask “What do I need to do to get a job”?

My advice is simple: “Be Prepared and Be Yourself”. Here are some things job applicants can do as they go through a job search.

Before the initial interview, review the company’s website and learn as much as you can. This includes taking down notes and having questions ready for the person conducting the interview. There is nothing worse than an applicant not knowing anything about the company he/she is interviewing with or not having any questions for the potential employer.

Next, make sure your resume is up-to-date, spell-checked and concise. I always tell friends and colleagues to ensure they can answer any question as it pertains to information on their resume. For the hiring company, it’s a bad sign when a question is asked about an item on the resume and the candidate cannot answer the question. It’s a signal that the candidate has placed information on the resume that may not be accurate.

Another area job applicants should keep in mind is to be patient. Employers are going through several resumes, conducting many interviews for a position and sometimes, the process may take a week or two. While it’s great to see that candidates are interested in a specific role, please don’t call the company every day or several times per week. A good company will follow-up with you and if they don’t, then maybe that company is not worth pursuing.

I’m often asked about proper dress attire. My initial response is always “Business Professional”. However, applicants may be told in advance to dress “Business Casual”. At that point, it’s up to the applicant whether or not they should go “Business Casual”. But, to really make an impression, I would highly recommend dressing “Business Professional”. You can never go wrong.

Also, I believe in sending Thank You notes after the interviews. Many companies view these notes as “closure” with the interview. Specifically, I look for a Thank You note from the candidate to see if they are really interested in the job and if they believe they are qualified for the position. Applicants should reiterate how their skills can fit the job duties and how they can add value to the company. The Thank You notes should be concise and to the point.

Finally, Be Yourself! There’s nothing worse than an applicant answering questions that sound “canned” or “prepared”. The best interviews are “conversations” and the flow of information is casual. Companies want to see applicants for who they are, not what applicants think companies are looking for. During the interview process, the best applicants are relaxed and able to talk to companies in a casual, free-flowing manner.

Companies are looking for good talent. This includes applicants with a good attitude and want to learn. Don’t over-think the interview process. Just “Be Prepared” and “Be Yourself”. You’ll land that job you’re really looking for.

Kevin Brown, PHR, SHRM-CP
Senior Human Resources Manager
Hassett Express, Oak Brook Terrace


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Indiana Tech announces agreement with the Chamber to provide corporate scholarships to all members

user by Jenny Stanko
calendarMonday, 03 October


Indiana Tech is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with the Greater Oak Brook Chamber of Commerce to provide corporate scholarships to all current GOBCC member company employees. Those who take advantage of these scholarships will receive a 20 percent reduction in tuition for undergraduate- and graduate-level degrees, excluding Ph.D. and Juris Doctor. In addition, textbook rental is included in the tuition.

“Indiana Tech is happy to enter into this partnership with the Greater Oak Brook Chamber and introduce our quality, convenient education options to your community,” said Steve Herendeen, Indiana Tech vice president for Enrollment Management. “Our College of Professional Studies was created to give working adults the flexibility to fit school into their busy schedules. Most undergraduate classes last five weeks; most graduate classes last six weeks. This creates a pace that helps students make quick, tangible progress and build momentum toward the completion of their degree.”

Numerous online courses are available through Indiana Tech’s College of Professional Studies and are accessible 24 hours a day. Several degrees are achievable solely online, including 24 undergraduate degrees and nine graduate degrees. Indiana Tech is also accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

“Our online degree programs use the same curricula and learning outcomes as our face-to-face degree programs,” said Nicole Scott, Indiana Tech associate vice president of Student Success. “In addition, graduates of online degree programs develop and hone time-management, prioritization, communication and technology skills – all of which are cherished by employers.”

For additional information about this agreement, contact Ann Marie Rosen, Indiana Tech admissions representative, at 630.548.9445, ext. 5820, or ALRosen@indianatech.edu. You can also find information on our website here.


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Greater Oak Brook Economic Development Partnership announces Fusion Academy Oak Brook to celebrate their grand opening in October

user by Jenny Stanko
calendarSunday, 25 September

Fusion Academy Oak Brook, a private middle and high school with a one-to-one teaching model, will hold its Grand Opening on October 13th. The campus, which opened in March, is inviting the community to come together to celebrate their journey. Attendees will have the opportunity to take a tour and hear stories from Fusion students and families.  Village of Oak Brook officials will lead a ribbon cutting ceremony during the event, beginning at 4 p.m. Attendees will have the opportunity to take a tour and hear stories from Fusion students and their families. The event will take place at Fusion Academy at 3041 Butterfield Road, Suite 200 in Oak Brook.

Fusion Academy classes are all one-to-one: one teacher and one student per classroom. This allows for the customization of curriculum and teaching for each student’s unique strengths, interests, and learning style. Fusion serves middle and high school students who do not fit into the traditional school model. Each student’s story is unique, but many have the following backgrounds: ADHD, accelerated/gifted learners, dyslexia, dysgraphia and learning differences, social challenges and school anxiety, or students with challenging schedules.

“Our journeys are all different pieces of colorful tiles held together by the strength of our relationships to create a vibrant mosaic,” said Melisa Simpson-Lord, Head of School.

Village of Oak Brook President Gopal Lalmalani added, “The Village of Oak Brook welcomes Fusion Academy to our community. Congratulations and we wish Fusion much success!”


Media representatives are invited to attend the event. Please RSVP to Christina Neri at cneri@fusionacademy.com or fusionoakbrook.com.


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LaSalle Network hosts complimentary webinar “9-step guide to a promotion”

user by Jenny Stanko
calendarMonday, 19 September

CEO, Founder Tom Gimbel to Share Tips on How to Advance Your Career

Tom Gimbel, founder and CEO of LaSalle Network, a national staffing and recruiting firm, will host a complimentary webinar, “9-Step Guide to a Promotion,” Tuesday, September 27, 2016, from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM CDT.

According to a recent study by the Society for Human Resource Management, 40 percent of millennials expect a promotion every one to two years, but not many understand what they need to do to earn one.

“When it comes to earning a promotion, many believe it’s based on how long they’ve been with an organization,” said Tom Gimbel, founder and CEO of LaSalle Network, “but more employers today believe in merit-based promotions, focusing less on tenure.”

This hour-long webinar will highlight the biggest factors that may be deterring someone from advancing in their careers, and the nine steps to take to earn a promotion and move up the career ladder.

To register for the webinar, “9-Step Guide to a Promotion,” click here.

For more information on LaSalle Network, please visit lasallenetwork.com or contact Heather Youkhana at 312-496-6562, or hyoukhana@lasallenetwork.com.


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Exploratory committee to consider Oak Brook employee shuttle

user by Economic Development Partnership
calendarTuesday, 02 August

The Greater Oak Brook Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Partnership recently hosted a meeting to explore the opportunity for a new Oak Brook employee shuttle service connecting with Metra. The Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) is the lead agency for the project, and has contracted with the Transportation Management Association of Lake-Cook (TMA) to provide assistance. The primary goal of the shuttle service would be to provide better commute options to help local employers attract top talent.


The Chamber has worked with the RTA and TMA to identify three service areas that may have the greatest potential for shuttle routes for Oak Brook. These are in the Commerce Drive, Kensington Road/Jorie Boulevard, and Windsor/Swift Drive areas.  These routes would access the Elmhurst Metra Station (Metra’s Union Pacific West Line) or Hinsdale Metra Station (Metra’s BNSF Line).

The RTA is considering funding the substantial majority of the operating costs for the first two years as a pilot program. During the first year of the pilot, property owners may contribute approximately 20% of the costs, or approximately $30,000 per route shared between participating property owners. For the second year property owners may contribute approximately 35% of the costs. The more properties participating, the lower the cost would be per building.

To continue beyond this potential two-year pilot, the route must be viable and working; for example at least 60 daily trips on each route are needed. Property owners would need to increase their financial participation to a minimum of 50% of the operating costs in partnership with Pace and Metra. Service levels and cost structure would need to be negotiated in the second year of the pilot, based on ridership, property owner interest, and transit agency budgets.

If a final plan is developed by the committee, it would take about three to four months to implement service. It is anticipated that service could start in 2017. For more information, please contact Tracy Mulqueen at 708-560-5271 or tmulqueen@obchamber.com.


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Hassett Express opens corporate headquarters in Oakbrook Terrace

user by Economic Development Partnership
calendarMonday, 01 August

Hassett Express presented a ribbon cutting July 19, 2016 to recognize the opening of its new corporate headquarters at 18W100 22nd Street in Oakbrook Terrace. Hassett CEO Michelle Halkerston and Oakbrook Terrace Mayor Tony Ragucci led the ceremony.

Hassett Express CEO Michelle Halkerston with City of Oakbrook Terrace Alderman Tom Thomas, left, and Mayor Tony Ragucci, right

Hassett Express CEO Michelle Halkerston with City of Oakbrook Terrace Alderman Tom Thomas, left, and Mayor Tony Ragucci, right

Hassett Express, LLC, a leader in transportation and logistics services, relocated in June to newly renovated space of almost 15,000 square feet, as an important part of its growth plan. The corporate office is home to the company’s logistics support, technology, customer service, financial, sales and marketing, and executive teams.

“Hassett Express is happy to call Oakbrook Terrace home for our 45 member headquarters staff. This location provides many advantages including its proximity to our operations facility near O’Hare,” said Michelle Halkerston, CEO. “Local amenities such as restaurants, retailers and parks are important to our team members. I believe these amenities, along with the convenient location, will also be attractive to new hires. We look forward to being an active member in the community.”

Mayor Ragucci added, “The City of Oakbrook Terrace welcomes new corporate resident Hassett Express and its CEO Michelle Halkerston to our community. Congratulations and we wish Hassett much success!”


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Say hello to Greater Oak Brook’s newest corporate residents and their employees

user by Economic Development Partnership
calendarSunday, 31 July

Be a good neighbor! Reach out and welcome Oak Brook and Oakbrook Terrace’s newest companies and their employees!


Chairman Tom Midura Economic Development Partnership Council

Archer Daniels Midland (Commerce Plaza, Oak Brook)

Beacon Hill Staffing (Mid America Plaza, Oakbrook Terrace)

Brookline (Lincoln Centre, Oakbrook Terrace)

Cadence Health Systems (Regency Towers, Oak Brook)

CIMC Leasing USA (Two TransAm Plaza, Oakbrook Terrace)

CMS Communications (Midwest Office Center, Oak Brook)

Datalink Corporation (Mid America Plaza, Oak Brook)

DCT Industrial (Drake Office Plaza, Oak Brook)

DeBlanco, Inc. (Citibank Office Plaza, Oak Brook)

Duke Realty (Oak Brook Executive Plaza, Oak Brook)

Farooqui & Husian Law (Two TransAm Plaza, Oakbrook Terrace)

Forward Space (1111 West 22nd, Oak Brook)

Verdi Property Management (Regency Towers, Oak Brook)

Geiger Wealth Management (Citibank Office Plaza, Oak Brook)

Grane Trucking (Butterfield Office Plaza, Oak Brook)

Hartford Financial Services (One Oakbrook Terrace, Oakbrook Terrace)

Hassett Express (Midwest Office Center, Oak Brook)

Hauser Izzo, LLC (Regency Towers, Oak Brook)

HomeBridge Financial Services, Inc. (Terrace Oaks, Oakbrook Terrace)

Kellen Company (Parkview Plaza, Oakbrook Terrace)

KeyLimeTie (Oakbrook Promenade, Oak Brook)

Pacific Life Insurance Company (Mid America Plaza, Oakbrook Terrace)

QsrSoft (Citibank Office Plaza, Oak Brook)

Rejuvenate MedSpa (Oak Brook Professional Building)

RSB Dental (Oak Brook North, Oak Brook)

Ryd Law Group, P.C. (Citibank Office Plaza, Oak Brook)

Select Staffing (Harger Road, Oak Brook)

Sentinus LLC (Oak Brook Pointe, Oak Brook)

Shriver-Capacity Insurance Agency, LLD (One Oakbrook Terrace, Oakbrook Terrace)

Sierra Pacific Mortgage Company, Inc. (One Oakbrook Terrace, Oakbrook Terrace)

SMART Golf Fitness Instruction (Oakbrook Terrace Tower, Oakbrook Terrace)

Star Micronics America, Inc. (Commerce Plaza, Oak Brook)

Sterns Lending (Oak Brook Executive Plaza, Oak Brook)

True Consulting (Oak Brook Executive Plaza, Oak Brook)

USI Insurance Services (Commerce Plaza, Oak Brook)

Wealth Planning Network (Parkview Plaza, Oakbrook Terrace)

New Hassett Express Employees with Welcome Bags from the Greater Oak Brook Economic Development Partnership

New Hassett Express Employees with Welcome Bags from the Greater Oak Brook Economic Development Partnership

“The Chamber’s Economic Development Partnership (EDP) and our local municipalities have worked diligently to ensure that we offer a supportive, business-friendly environment in which businesses can thrive and grow,” said EDP Council Chairman and Graycor Treasurer Tom Midura. “Our promotion of policies that build commerce and reduce business costs and that support timely and efficient building, zoning, permitting and signage processes has resulted in continued economic growth for Greater Oak Brook. We are now beginning additional new efforts to address the community’s emerging transportation, infrastructure and tourism needs to make sure we continue to grow and compete.”

The Chamber’s Economic Development Partnership Council has organized a Transportation and Infrastructure Committee made up of property and business owners who will examine Oak Brook and Oakbrook Terrace vehicle and pedestrian access, and employee transportation needs to and from area train stations to local employment sites.

For more information about this new Chamber committee and its work, please contact Tracy Mulqueen at tmulqueen@obchamber.com or at 708-560-5271.



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